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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) There is no best way to deal with pests in agriculture

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

There is no best way to deal with pests in agriculture. Pesticides are commonly used, but this may cause many harmful efects on people as well as the natural environtment.

First, the chemicals in pesticides may build up as residues in the environment. This reduces the quality of farm’s products. Pests can gradually become resistant to pesticides. This means that newer and stronger ones have to be developed. Some pesticides also affect non target animals such as ish and bees. This affects natural balance.

To wipe out agricultural pests completely may be very expensive.

Finally, understanding the ecology of the area will help a lot in a pest control. Natural enemies can be used to control pests. In other words, it can be said that an integrated pest management (i.e. an ecological approach that can be significantly reduce or eliminate the use of pcsticides) is safer and more efective to lie used as a solution to deal with pests in agriculture.

(1) According to the text, stronger pesticides are needed bccausc the pests ....
   A.   are becoming more and more harmful
   B.    affect non target animals, such as ish and bees
   C.    are resistant to the existing ones
   D.   affect natural balance
   E.    are setting stronger and stronger themselves

Dijelaskan dalam kalimat ke­3 paragraf 2: Pests can gradually bccome resistant to pesticides. (Hama serangga secara berangsur-angsur menjadi kebal terhadap pestisida.

Jawaban: C

(2) An integrated past management is …. In nature.
    a.     ecological
    b.     natural
    c.     significant
    d.     chemical
    e.     chomprehensive

Disimpulkan dari paragraf 4 bahwa “An integrated pest management is signiicant in nature.

Jawaban: C

(3) “There is no one best way to deal with pests in agriculture” (Paragraph 1)
       The underlined phrase is closest in meaning to ....
      A.   handle
      B.    relate
      C.    reduce
      D.   tackle
      E.    use

There is no one best way to deal with pests in agriculture. “Deal with” dalam konteks kalimat di atas artinya menangani. Makna yang paling dekat dengan “deal with” adalah “handle” (menangani) .

Relate (menghubungkan), reduce (mengurangi), tackle (memecahkan), use (menggunakan)

Jawaban: A

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