The text mainly tells about .... The word “aurora” comes from the Roman goddess

The word “aurora” comes from the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora. The name was given to spectacle of light that appears in the skies near our polar regions. In the Northern Hemisphere, the lights are called aurora borealis, or northern lights. In the Southern Hemisphere, they are called aurora Australis, or southern lights.

         Auroras are caused by the sun. Sometimes the sun has violent storms, during which a stream of charged particles (plasma) is spewed out in an event called a coronal mass ejection. The result of the storms are solar winds filled with highly charged, tiny particles travelling at speeds of 1-2 million miles per day. It takes 2-3 days for the solar winds to reach our planet.

         When the particles arrive, they are drawn toward the North and South Poles by Earth’s magnetic field. The particles hit and interact with our atmosphere, and the sky begins to glow. The delicate colors of the auroras depend on the height at which the energy particles collide with atmosphere.

            Auroras happen at any time, but the peak occurs at 27-day intervals (auroral activity is based on our sun’s rotation and solar activity) and usually lasts for several nights in a row. Northern lights glowing just after dark are not very showy. The best displays are around midnight or shortly after.

The text mainly tells about ... 
     A.     why auroras glow
     B.     how auroras occur
     C.     definition of auroras
     D.     how long auroras last
     E.      the meaning of auroras

The text mainly tells about how auroras occur.

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