What is the text about? Banda Neira, which is located in Maluku

Banda Neira

Banda Neira, which is located in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia, is a historical island which may be the best place to escape when holidays come. Banda Neira has both an historic and exotic sides.

There are two historic forts in Banda Neira, which remind us about wars in previous years. These forts; Fort Belgia and Fort Nassau, were built by the Portuguese around 1655. Besides that, there are also colonial buildings, like a Dutch cemetery, the Dutch Reformed Church, the Mini Neira Palace, a jail and a museum.

Being surrounded by sapphire and sparkling sea. Banda Neira is a perfect place to dive and see creatures. It has colorful corals and fishes.

What is the text about?

    A.     Maluku

    B.     Indonesia

    C.     Banda Neira

    D.     Historic forts

    E.      A diving spot


the text is about Banda Neira.

Jawaban: C


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